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Preparing the Content for Medium

Before you go ahead and republish your business blog on Medium, you need to do a little prep work. Part of this will help you to avoid duplicate content problems, or at least benefit from the “best of both worlds” by using your valuable content more than once.

Put a Great Article Together

There’s no point in republishing business blogs that offer no value to the reader. On Medium, it’s all about quality; the more you offer, the bigger your following will be, and having a following is the key to getting traffic.

Let Search Engines Index the Original First

Google says that it will only display one version of a syndicated article. Unfortunately, you can’t choose which version will show up. That’s the main risk with posting content in more than one place; your business search result might get pushed out.

Make Sure You’ve Got Internal Links

It’s good practice to put internal links in every blog post you write. When you republish a business blog on Medium, it makes even more sense to get a couple of links in the copy.

Attribute All Your Images

Businesses are getting much better at using legal images and attributing the creators correctly.

Don’t Go Overboard With Monetization

Medium’s official rules don’t forbid affiliate links. But they do forbid spam. One or two links may slip through, providing you put the effort into your content, but obvious and intensive monetization will almost certainly be spotted.

Think Beyond SEO

Link building is an essential part of SEO, but Medium is not going to solve your SEO problems. You should republish business blogs to start discussions and get your name out there as a writer. It isn’t an SEO tool.

Creating a Publication for Medium Business Blogging

Medium is designed to be fast and simple. You don’t need to spend time installing plugins or choosing themes. Instead, it’s built around high-quality content and a social networking component that helps you to build an audience quickly.

Importing Business Blogs to Medium

The reason I chose Medium for this how-to post is that it has a really simple import feature that makes syndication foolproof. You don’t need to copy and paste anything, and it automatically links back to the original content. (Still, it makes sense to allow time for the original to be indexed, which I’ve already covered.)



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